Last Autumn I was dragged kicking and screaming on a Caribbean Cruise! Here is a very random selection of images from the amazing trip…

The first part of the cruise we were tracked by flocks of these Boobie birds (yes that is their real name, according to the bloke at the bar!). They suddenly swoop and dive deep into the sea to catch the fish unsettled by the ship.

We woke early to catch the ship arriving at the entrance to the Panama Canals’ locks. This is an image of the extensive docks, operating 24 hours a day.
 The banks of the Panama Canal are a stunning habitat for lots of monkeys.

In Costa Rica we saw lots of beautiful creatures. I’m afraid I have no idea as to their correct names the first one I’ve called blue bird and the next one Barbara!
 Here is a very weird looking Sloth, hiding in a tree.
In Curacao I went for a snorkel and was mesmerized by this turtle.
 In Aruba I was fascinated with the Divi Divi tree. I had to wait hours for the families sunbathing in the shade to go home. Luckily there was a beach bar near by.
In Miami there is interesting architecture and supercars everywhere you look. Apparently this is a building Sylvester Stalone lived in.
And finally a bit of a Miami beach!