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Natural moments are my favourite, but you can’t always guarantee people gathering in beautiful light with the stunning background and then all simultaneously looking happy (without the date your brother picked up on tinder on the way to the wedding, that you don’t want in the photo)! For the times at a wedding when all the aforementioned line up we will be there to capture it. I recommend a short list of group shots that include family, bridesmaids, groomsmen & friends. Everyone has been to a wedding where the formal photographs are badly organized, and drag on for ages. With a little bit of planning and my loud, but friendly voice, the portraits will be over in a jiffy resulting in natural family photographs that will become your most treasured possessions.

I dislike posing as the results of positioning every limb and digit, don’t feel or look natural. I prefer simple direction, just to get you in the right light, with the attractive backgrounds of your chosen venue, and then instigate natural interactions. True portraits capture who you are as a couple, with your personalities and emotions, rather than a couple you don’t recognise striking an awkward pose.

For the couple portraits I plan dry and wet weather options and work quickly so you can get back to the party. Weather doesn’t affect photography it always adds to it (people pay a fortune for wind machines in studios!). However you might get a bit chilly, with the odd rain drop on you, but the resulting images are worth it and we always take care of the dress.